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FULLR Hair Fibers

FULLR Hair Fibers

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FULL'R hair fibers provide undetectable and natural coverage for hair loss, making it possible to conceal and enhance thin hair and coverup bald spots. Our organic hair thickener & topper works in just 15 seconds to give you a fuller head of beautiful hair.

Easy to apply and irritation free, our fibers will last all day. Simply wash hair, fully dry, and then style hair as usual (using your favorite styling product). Shake fibers over desired areas and gently pat and rub with fingers.

FULLR is proud to produce organic, cruelty-free hair building fibers are produced in our ISO 9001 facility, following rigorous quality standards. We source only the highest-quality ingredients to deliver a superior product.

  • Conceals hair loss.
  • Instantly fills in thin spots and camouflages hair loss.
  • Gives a natural, thick, and voluminous appearance to fine hair.
  • Unlike keratin fibers used by our competitors, FULLY has a no-irritation formula is gentle on the scalp and washes out easily.

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